Call the world for free, every day.

Bondd is the first free mobile operator in the world. Try us. Get the app and call for free. Worldwide! Landlines and mobile! Make a free call to a friend now, in USA.,United Kingdom.,The Netherlands.,China.,Spain.,Brazil.,Germany.,Australia., Virgin Islands., South Africa., Japan., Chile., Italy., Cuba.

Get the App. Call for free. Get credit if you like.

You can say a lot in your three daily free calls. If you want to call more you can buy credit anytime and keep calling for only 5 cents a minute!


Global rates.

With Bondd you can call nearly the entire world for 5 cents a minute. That is mobile and landlines! We do not have a set up fee per call.

That’s why we have even better rates than Skype Out.

5 cent
35 cent
no service

It’s a real call.

Your three-minute free call is a real call. That’s why the connection is stable, and the sound crystal-clear. The person you call will see your mobile phone number, and you use your own address book.


How can it be free?

The free calls are paid for by advertising. In a way, you ‘pay’ by paying attention. Before and after the free call you will see an ad. That’s all. You don’t want ads? No problem, the calls you pay for with credit are free of ads.

Call the world - for free!

Get our app. Choose a sponsor or not. And start talking!

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