Installation of the App

Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Create an account using the sign up form and that’s all.

Buy credit and make more calls

After your daily free calls you can use Bondd to make more cheap calls to the entire world. You only pay for what you are using. You can add credit to your account using one of our payment providers.

After downloading the app

When you downloaded the app and created an account you are able to use the app directly, starting with a free call of course. Bondd will import all your contacts from your address book for you. Select the person you want to call, watch a video and start speaking, that easy.

After your first free call

After your daily three-minute free calls you need to have credit on your account to be able to make more calls. You can add credit using one of our payment providers. With this credit you can make cheap calls to the entire world, there is no difference between a fixed line or mobile number.

Use of a creditcard

To make more cheap calls you can add credit to your account using a credit card. Also PayPal and other forms or payment are supported. When you are using the iOS app to add credit this will be through the Apple InApp payment service.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

Definitely not. Besides your free daily call you can use Bondd for your international calls. The costs per destination are listed under ‘Countries & Rates’. Bondd will charge you no costs outside the stated rates per minute; thus no connection fee or anything like that.

What are the costs per minute after my free call?

That’s easy, 5 cents per minute to nearly the entire world. There are really only a few exceptions we had to make for countries that are more cumbersome to reach. You can see the exact list on the world map on the homepage.

Can I turn off the advertisements?

No, you can’t. At heart we are a sponsored calling service, we believe your calls can be free, paid for by advertisers. Just like many other services. We feel the short video and offer surrounding your free call are not annoying or intrusive. We would love to hear your opinion though, please Contact us if you have a strong opinion about this.

Can I choose which advertisements I get in the future?

We will have to see. Currently Bondd makes sure you get offers that suit you, based on the personal data in your profile like gender and age. We would love to be able to let you choose advertisers you’re interested in beforehand; if this is important to you please let us know through the Contact page.

Can I also advertise on Bondd?

We hoped you would ask this. The more free calls we can offer our users the better. Please drop us a mail at, use the sponsor contact form on the Advertise page, or contact our office.

How can I report bugs?

If you experience any problems while using Bondd please inform us so we can fix the problem. All your questions or remarks are welcome and we would love to hear these.

Report suggestions to our creative team

At Bondd we believe a product should work perfectly but also should look extraordinarily. Any suggestions how it can look better? Please feel free to contact us so we can review it.

What will Bondd do with my personal data?

We will use your personal data only to select the sponsor message surrounding your free call. We will not sell or use these data for any other purposes.

Do I need to sign a contract with Bondd?

Absolutely not. No contracts, no subscription fees. Just start using the service barrier-free. You do off course need to agree to the general terms and conditions when signing up, but that is merely to agree to use the service as intended.